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Wombat Drinkware made in polycarbonate and shatterproof

Wombat Drinkware made in polycarbonate and shatterproof


Wombat Drinkware offers a wide range of unbreakable products, glasses and service. Wombat Drinkware can be used for many purposes the only limitation is your imagination: Drinks, Beer, Cafe Latte, Tea, Coffee, Wine etc.


Many outlets uses Wombat Drinkware because they increase safety among guests and staff, has significantly smaller weight than regular glasses and the staff is carrying less weight.


Glasses made in polycarbonate has a fantastic insulation effect there keeps cold drinks colder for longer time and hot drinks warmer for longer time, without burning your fingers.


Our products are dishwasher and microwave safe. Temperature wandering from - 20 to + 120 degrees Celsius. Last 15 to 20 times longer than regular glasses, you save money and time.


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Wombat Drinkware distributes a superior range of unbreakable quality glassware. Buy smart unbreakable glassware, because it matters if it shatters. Our Drinkware, are made in polycarbonat and is 100 % unbreakable and cost saving.

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