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Glass as weapons

Glass as weapons

Glass as weapons, is a hazard, buy shatterproof drinking glasses from Wombat Drinkware

Glass as weapons: Every year, 100 thousands of people are injured in violent attacks where broken glasses are used as weapons. They get permanent injury and memory of a night out for life. Unfortunately, it is quite normal hot-tempered, drunk guests struggle with drinking glasses.


Glass as weapons are scary, drinking glasses is nearby, strikes the top of, and you have a dangerous glass as weapons. Bar guests discuss and one word takes the other and suddenly it comes to fights. One bar guest smashes a glass in the face of the other bar guest and then starts trouble. The most common injury among guests are ladies who get cut on broken glass floating on the floor, either because they have thrown high heels to dance or because the glass pieces cut through their shoes or sandals.


In England, a study estimated that the damage with drinking glasses cost the British society around £ 2.7bn a year, in costs for policing, court, hospitals and replacements. Drinking glasses from Wombat Drinkware is made of polycarbonate and are shatterproof, is safe and reduce damage from fights, and saves millions of tax pounds in hospitals, sick pay, policing, lawsuits and damages.


Nightlife will be more secure if using polycarbonate unbreakable drinking glasses.


The most significant change is probably in the security, no broken glass, no substitutes, no loss of revenue; staff should not carry so much weight and happy cleaning staff and door attendants.

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