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Global Wombat Europe

Global Wombat Europe is sold to Wombat Drinkware

Global Wombat Europe is sold to Wombat Drinkware

It has been brought to our attention that the company, "Original Global Wombat Europe", with registration no. CVR-no. 35 03 12 78 and with start day on January 25 th 2013, proclaimed to have acquired the management in Global Wombat Europe in a press release sent to our customer.


For the record, we hereby inform about the facts in order to eliminate all doubts in relation to the above.


  1. "Original Global Wombat Europe" is registered with VAT no. 35 03 12 78 on January the 25 th 2013 and can therefore not have being treading nor can they have any customers before that time.
  2. Finn Jepsen is not the Managing Director of our conpany, as written in the press release from "Original Global Wombat Europe".
  3. "Original Global Wombat Europe" are market their products under our company names Global Wombat Europe and Wombat Drinkware.
  4. Our contact details are as follows: contact@wombat-drinkware.com, finance@wombat-drinkware.com, distributor@wombat-drinkware.com, order@wombat-drinkware.com
  5. Our website is:  www.wombat-drinkware.com
  6. In relation to "Original Global Wombat Europe", we strongly emphasize and inform all customers that we rejects and has nothing to do with the company "Original Global Wombat Europe", what so ever, and we disclaim any liability.


Their unlawful and dishonest behavior is not acceptable and we will pursue this matter through the legal authorities in Denmark and abroad.


Should you have any questions regarding the above mentioned, please feel free to contact us at one of the mentioned e-mail addresses.


Yours sincerely

©Global Wombat Europe® and ©Wombat Drinkware®.

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