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Product and Washing instructions

Product and Washing instructions

Product and Washing instructions

Product and washing instructions: To maintain product glossy and shiny, it is essential and important to follow these product and washing instructions:

Avoid washing products containing Phenoxyethanol and detergents with a pH of more than 10, since this degrades polycarbonate material over time.

For hand washing, use a mild detergent and a soft dishcloth / brush. Do not use abrasive cleaners, steel wool, scouring pads or anything that will scratch the product, as it will make the product loses its glans. With machine washing, use shortest possible washing program long washing programs is unnecessary and expose the product to excessive and unnecessary chemical attack. Wash the product with other products, use ordinary detergent. It is important not too overdosed with detergent.

Rinse aid must be neutral and it is very important to be correct dose. Overdose and aggressively rinse aid can degrade polycarbonate material.

On the industrial dishwashers, your service technician, set the machine dispensing system for plastic items, and ensure that the detergents used is specifically designed for use on plastic.

Do not use solvent on the product, which is alkaline based; it will attack polycarbonate and SAN. All plastic products will be scratched, especially when used in a commercial environment, such as clubs, pub or at a festival. Scratches on the product, is usually an indicator of a relatively hard life and when the product comes to this stage, it is time to renew it.

Plastic materials can form a film on the inside of the glass, if they are washed with a strong detergent. If this occurs, the product should be washed with a mild dishwashing detergent with bleach.

Polycarbonate is an unbreakable plastic material that cannot be broken or crushed. Some polycarbonate products for example win glasses have their foot ultrasonically welded to the stem. In rare cases, the product may lose the foot. If this occurs, the stem breaks at the weld point but leaves no sharp edges.

Polycarbonate products cannot be broken or crushed. SAN products are impact resistant but not unbreakable.

Remember that Polycarbonate does not tolerate ester content / anise. As such used in Pernod and Sambuca.


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