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Why unbreakable drinking glasses

Why unbreakable drinking glasses

Why unbreakable drinking glasses? Do you throw money down the drain? Definitely not:

Why unbreakable drinking glasses. More and more people become aware of this interesting product, polycarbonate unbreakable drinking glasses, and several pubs are starting to take advantage of unbreakable drinking glasses. Not only does it increase safety among people where traditional drinking glasses can cause severe damage and in the worst case, a victim can lose their lives. Polycarbonate unbreakable drinking glasses make nightlife safer.

Advantages of polycarbonate drinking glasses:


  1. Polycarbonate glasses is environmentally friendly and can be recycled.
  2. Polycarbonate glasses holds approx. 15 to 20 times longer than traditional jug .
  3. Polycarbonate uses less energy to produce.
  4. Polycarbonate glasses saves you money that adorns the bottom line.
  5. Polycarbonate drinking glasses cannot be used as weapons.
  6. Polycarbonate drinking glasses withstand temperatures from - 20 degrees to + 120 degrees.
  7. Polycarbonate drinking glasses has a high insulation that keeps cold drinks cold longer and hot drinks hotter for longer time and whihout burning your fingers.
  8. Polycarbonate drinking glasses is crystal-clear and feels like traditional glasses.
  9. Polycarbonate drinking glasses increases safety.


It saves money because:


  1. Polycarbonate drinking glasses have a longer life than traditional glasses.
  2. Faster cleaning, and no broken glass, which is pressed into the floor or carpet.
  3. The staff promises less weight as polycarbonate drinking glasses weigh less than traditional glasses.
  4. Faster clearing away and cleaning up.
  5. Better working environment for your staff.
  6. It saves time when labor inspectors are visiting


At the time of writing we are not aware of food to polycarbonate jug has no disadvantages. The exception is that polycarbonate does not tolerate ester content / anise, which among other things is used in Pernod and Sambuca.

Polycarbonate drinking glasses limit violence

As long as traditional drinking glasses outlet operators, so there is therefore difficult to get around the broken jug used as weapons during fights.

Is not it a good idea to completely remove the traditional glasses from outlets? It will benefit everyone in the nightlife outlets and society will save money as well as we protect the environment.

Therefore, select 100% unbreakable drinking glasses.

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