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About us Wombat Drinkware

About Us

About Us Wombat Drinkware

Polycarbonate was invented by Bayer Corporation in 1953, and production was started in 1957 in the US and 1958 in Europe. Polycarbonates are strong, stiff, hard, tough, transparent engineering thermoplastics that can maintain rigidity up to 130°C and toughness down to - 30°C or special grades even lower.


The Directors of Global Wombat, Australia saw the opportunity in this new material called polycarbonate and started up production of Shatterproof Products in the beginning of 1971. For over 40 years has Global Wombat design and manufacture the best quality unbreakable drinkware in polycarbonate. Global Wombat uses only the best quality polycarbonate in manufacturing using state of the art technologically and moulding process. Today Global Wombat has two factories in Australia and one in the US.


Global Wombat don´t know any products, which have the transparency and durability like ours. Global Wombat Products is a highly specialize enterprise that manufactures a superior range of modern shatterproof quality Products, which is supplied throughout the worlds and we have the best quality and biggest product range within this industry and our products are used at:


Restaurants, Night Clubs & Discos, Hospitals, Age & Children Care, Health Resorts, Festivals, Cruise Ships, Stadiums, Conference Centers, Hotels & Resorts, Sailing, Camping, Private Homes, Breweries, Ferries, Navy & Military, Golf Clubs, Sports Clubs, Kindergarten, Swimming Pools Outdoor, Vacation / Holiday Homes, Mobile Homes, Caravans, Air Ports, Prison, Canteens, Ski Resorts and Yacht.


Why are Global Wombat glasses superior to their competitors??? It is a combination firstly of the design of both the glass itself and the specialist moulds and equipment used to manufacture them. Then it’s the years of experience of moulding these difficult parts in engineering resins so they are produced in an economical fashion with a minimum of inherent stress in the parts which gives extra durability and of course the high quality engineering plastic raw materials that have good clarity and super strength yet remarkable resistance to temperature extremes. Global Wombat uses multi cavity moulds and robotics to reduce the production costs but generally uses longer cycle times to improve the life of the product. The cost savings we passed on to our wholesalers so they can be more competitive on the world market and give our customer value for money.


Global Wombat is one step ahead when it comes to design and product developing. By using reusable and virtually unbreakable products from Global Wombat we can all help preserve the safety of customer and help protect the environment by reducing land fill and energy consumption.


Quality and safety is the most important point in all Global Wombat products. Wombat Drinkware look exactly like an ordinary glass and our customers are very impressed. They cannot see the difference.

Global Wombat produces cannot be used as a weapon.