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Wine Glasses

Wine Glasses 

Wine Glasses  unbreakable for use where safety matters. 

Wine Glasses from Wombat Drinkware is virtually unbreakable. Broken glass is a potential and detrimental hazard and a rising problem, not just within the hotel or hospitality industry. With equally as many glass accidents happening at social events, workplaces and family homes. With increasing demand for an effective and reliable alternative product Wombat Drinkware offers a range of very high quality polycarbonate drinkware, which is the perfect replacement for those times or situations when glass is not a practical option, in any environment commercial, household, indoor or out. Unexpected circumstances and influences can quickly result in incidents involving broken glass. it seems only logical to reduce the risk for potential damage by eliminate the elements that could possibly become dangerous.


Do not let the elegant look fool you! This classic polycarbonate drinkware has the sparkling clarity of glass but it will not break if dropped. So sit back, relax with  Wombat Drinkware durable, high quality polycarbonate drinkware, whether entertaining outdoor of inside, and compliment any lifestyle, from casual and everyday use to more formal occasions. The unique properties of polycarbonate allow drinkware to be manufactured as an effective shatterproof glass without having to be as thick or heavy as glass drinkware. Extremely durable, lightweight and with the visual appearance of glass, polycarbonate drinkware will not shatter or chip if dropped or knocked, eliminating the risks of broken glass. It will not crush or crack, like most disposable plastic drinkware on the market. Reusable, recyclable and dishwasher safe.


For glass like beauty without the worry, serve up with wine glasses from Wombat Drinkware, it is the ideal alternative to glass in any setting indoors or out, why? Because it matters if it shatters. So take the worry out of summer entertaining with our polycarbonate drinkware and tableware.


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