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Trays from Wombat Drinkware


Trays from Wombat Drinkware

Reception tray is for you who want your guests to have a fantastic experience. We all know the challenge at a reception / party with a hearty and delicious buffet, where we have a plate, fork and a drink in the hands and at the same time has to greet and shake hands. With this cool reception tray from Wombat Drinkware, it resolves this problem, there is room for food, fork, your drink and you have the other hand free. It makes your reception / party a fantastic and memorable experience for your guests.

Wombat Drinkware also have a large selection of unbreakable polycarbonate drinking glasses, bowls and pitchers. They are crystal clear look like ordinary drinking glass with does not break if you drop them on the floor, thus avoiding broken glass and damage. The desk trays and unbreakable drinking glasses from Wombat Drinkware your reception / party a good experience.


Receptions , Parties, Events , health spas, cruise ships , homes, conference centers, hotels & resorts , yacht clubs , camping, golf clubs , sports clubs , swimming pools, vacation homes , mobile homes, ski and yachts.

Wombat Drinkware products can be used anywhere and for many purposes - your imagination is the limit. Our products are recyclable and we can all help to maintain the security of customer and help to protect the environment and reduce energy consumption. We look forward to hearing from you and help make your event a fantastic and unforgettable experience.

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